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About Us

About the building...

Built in 1896, the Trabucco Building was known as the "Cheap Cash Store". The walls are made out of Mormon Bar granite a foot thick. The windows, also from Mormon Bar, were salvaged from a Chinese store. The wrought iron staircase was shipped around Cape Horn, delivered to San Fransisco and wagon-trained to the Marketplace.  Local stone masons crafted the interior stone wall from Mariposa rocks. 

Today, the Trabucco building is completely original except for the first floor windows, doors and the light fixtures. The upstairs windows are also original. The green steel shutters in the front of the building protects the store from fire....and from the gold miner's bullets.  You'll see a bullet dent or two on the front iron shutter.

About the owners...

My name is Daria...I'm the wife half of the duo

My husband, Scott, is the other half


As with many things in life, ending up as owners of the Marketplace was completely unplanned!  We love the area and were visiting Mariposa for the first time right after my husband, Scott, retired. Upon chatting with the sales clerk, we learned the Marketplace was closing as the owners were planning to retire.  I thought, hmmm...this may be something fun to do in retirement, and here we are!  We took over the shop in September of 2019...just before the pandemic.  With the help of wonderful landlords, terrific vendors, and fabulous customers, we've managed to grow and flourish.

We can both positively say...Owning the Marketplace is fun!  We meet wonderful people from all over the world on a daily basis...all thanks to our proximity to Yosemite National Park. We are fortunate to have year round visitors and are so blessed and inspired to hear about their travel adventures and their lives back home.  On top of that, we have amazing local customers who make a point of coming out and supporting us and our small business...we couldn't do it without them!

Then there are our vendors...a wonderful group of people who have become like family.  They curate and stock their areas with wonderful, ever changing items that enchant our customers with their breadth and quality.  They  even manage to maintain prices that are fair and competitive.  


We all believe in providing our customers with what we would wanting a shopping experience...variety, quality, good value, and excellent customer service.  

We hope you'll stop by to visit, enjoy the historic building, and  have fun shopping.  Whether it's a chat about the park and your travel adventure, or finding the perfect gift and souvenir, there really is something for everyone at the Mariposa Marketplace!

Become a Vendor! 

Do you have a product that would complement and enrich the Marketplace experience for our customers?  Join the vendor waitlist, and we will be in touch should a space  become available.

For information, questions and pricing,

Contact Daria Ruark at:


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